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Dear Guest!
Welcome on the board of «Luсky Ship. Art Hotel»!
We sincerely thank You choice of our Ship, which is located in the very center of Odessa!
We wish You a pleasant stay rest on the board!


Excerpt from the Rules of «Lucky Ship. Art Hotel»

    The check-in and check-in time starts at 14:00 of the current day in local time Time of the departure of guests and calculation time - 12:00 of the current day in local time For an early arrival from 00:00 to 14:00 payment is made in the amount of 100% of the cost of the cabin per one day Early check-in conditions can change with the beginning of the low season For accommodation less than 24 hours, payment is made in full day Upon the departure from the calculation time to 18:00 payment is made in the amount of 50% of the cost of the cabin per one day The possibility of an early or late arrival must be clarified in advance.

Entry Rules

    Provide documents, fill out a Registration Card, pay, get a key-card of the cabin (with the loss of a key-card - a fine of 200 UAH), accept a cabin.

Exit Rules

    Pass the cabin, hand over a key-card of the cabin, pay for additional services, receive the reporting documents.

Enter to «Luсky Ship. Art Hotel»

    Click the doorphone on the gate and at the front door, lift the key-card to the black screen on the cabin door.

Exit from «Luсky Ship. Art Hotel»

    At the reception with the administrator scan the key-card of the cabin, after which the administrator will open the entrance door, at the exit from the yard lift the palm to the sensor which is to the right of the gate - the gate will open, after Your exit shut down on their own.

Prohibition of smoking

    According to the Law of Ukraine № 4844-21/65 dated 24.05.2012 smoking of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and hookahs is prohibited on the territory of «Luсky Ship. Art Hotel» (in cabins, corridors, lobby).

Fire or Natural Disaster

    You are in a room that meets all fire safety standards. All rooms are equipped with modern fire safety equipment. Once settled, familiarize Yourself with the route leading to the evacuation exit. It is depicted on the evacuation plans, which are located in your cabin and in the corridor. Leaving the cabin, do not forget to turn off the electrical appliances (TV, air conditioner, lamps, lighting, etc.). We remind You that it is very dangerous to cover the turned on table lamps, sconces with different things.

Prohibited in the Cabins

    Use electric heating devices (teapots, coffee makers, boilers, electric cookers, iron, etc.), except those included in the cabin equipment. To light candles, aromatic lamps, sticks, etc. Bring and store flammable materials to the cabin

Property damage

    Guests and their visitors are fully responsible, including financial, due to «Lucky Ship. Art Hotel» damage according to the current tariffs, which can be checked out by the administrator.

Phone connection

    To contact the administrator press 0 Telephone numbers between cabins «Luсky Ship. Art Hotel» consists of three digits: 1 or 10 (if the cabin number is less than 10) and the corresponding cabin number (for example, to call to the cabin № 17, You need to phone 117).

Ironing facilities (iron, board) - on request.

Entertaining content

    All cabins are equipped with modern Smart Tvs. To watch TV programs turn on the TV, select OMC in the menu and watch Your favorite channels in digital quality. You can also watch videos on YouTube.

Art objects

    There are many hand-made art objects on the Ship's board. If desired, some of them, as well as many other souvenirs, You can buy in our souvenir shop, the goods of which You can find on our page in Instagram @lucky_ship_souvenirs

Dear Guest!

    In accordance with the Policy of our hotel and for the safety of guests we don’t come into the cabin in the absence of a guest without prior agreement with him. In this regard, if necessary cleaning the cabin and/or replacing bed linen or towels, please, inform the administrator: by phone - the number "0", or in person. Sincerely, the team of «Luсky Ship. Art Hotel».